Ny mysig poncho ifrån Kappahl

IMG_6100 (kopia)IMG_6057IMG_6065


Idag har jag mysat runt i min nya poncho ifrån Kappahl, så himla gosig! Vi har sprungit omkring i lägenheten, städat och ordnat med papper hela dagen, men vi hann även med en snabbvisit hos Mattias syster och hennes familj.

Imorgon börjar en ny vecka med nya utmaningar!


Today I have just been laying around and had it so good in my new poncho (I’m so in love with it!), but I also had some time over to organize all different kinds of boring papers and stuff in the app. We also went to Salbohed to visit Mattias sister and her little family, and had a really nice pizza dinner together.


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